Are you an Imperfect Parent?

Of course you are; we all are!

But you can take your parenting to the next level with my
FREE 6 part mini-course!

The reality is simple: No Parent is Perfect.

We ALL struggle

We as parents are flawed. Our kids too are also flawed. Human beings are flawed. We mess up. 

Do your kids act out, misbehave or drive you to the brink of insanity disrupting your entire family? 

Or maybe you just want to improve the communication and harmony in your parenting.

Let me show you the steps my wife and I took to take our imperfect parenting to the next level.

My hope is not to totally transform your parenting skills in this mini-course. That's not realistic, nor was that my goal.

My goal is simply to get you to see yourself, your kids and your communication in a new and different way. I want to give you some actionable tools that you could quickly and easily implement and repeat.

I know you can be the best parent you always wanted to be. So let's get started today for a better tomorrow!

Hi. I'm Jeff Campbell

Blogger, husband and imperfect parent of 3 amazing daughters.

I want to help take your parenting to the next level just as my wife and I have done with ours.

Parenting isn't always easy. It doesn't come with an instruction manual any more than we do.

But parenting doesn't have to drive you insane, exhaust you or cause you to lose your cool. 

My Imperfect Parenting mini-course was based on everything my wife and I have learned in our almost 11 years of being parents.

But beyond that, my wife is a teacher and I work with hundreds of kids every day in my job too running a martial arts school.

Learn from our mistakes, sweat and research and take your imperfect parenting to the next level!

The trick ISN'T to have a household devoid of conflict.

The trick is to know HOW to communicate and respond when there is a challenging situation.

Discover the quick & easy tips that can take your imperfect parenting to the next level!

This isn't a complex system that will take months to get through.
It's also not a time consuming video course that requires hours of your time.

Instead this is a simple 6 part mini-course that I developed to help you take a struggling parent and make them better or take a good parent and make them great!

Imagine you and your kids resolving issues, spending more time loving, supporting and communicating than arguing.

You can be the parent you always knew you could be, but we aren't born knowing how to be a great parent. It takes mistakes, learning from those mistakes and a tool like this one to make a better Imperfect Parent.

What others have said about me and my blog

Margie Z.

You are aware of (your issues)…which I think makes all the difference. SO, through this post, I am going to look for opportunities to talk about our marriage. He (my husband) is so not self aware, which makes these things even more challenging. But, thank you for raising the conversation!

Gaye C.

Founder of

Excellent post and great tips. I have done (many damaging things) to some extent my entire life, and am trying to break the pattern.

Why listen to a guy like me?

Jeff Campbell - Middle Class Dad

I started my blog for one reason - to help other middle class dads and moms like me navigate through the worlds of marriage/relationships, parenting, personal finance and more.

My blog is still fairly new, but 13,512 moms and dads follow me and my posts each week, I have been featured in places like the Washington Post and have been able to help couples like you take their futures to the next level.

I'm no genius, but I've been around the block a few times, made a TON of mistakes, and (most importantly) LEARNED from my mistakes.

My day job is Academy Director for a very large martial arts school but before that I was a leader and general manager for Whole Foods Market for over 20 years.

I urge you to sign up for my FREE Imperfect Parenting mini-course and see if it can help
Your parenting.

With no cost or obligation, what do you have to lose?

If you have questions about parenting, I have a bunch of posts on my blog about those things, but feel free to email me anytime; I'm here to help!